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Here are few things that should help…


Are your products or ingredients tested on animals?
No. Our products are never tested on animals – only on ourselves and our children.

Are your products vegan?
It’s about half and half. Our Balms aren’t vegan because they contain beeswax. And our Gentle Cleansing Lotion and Smoothing Conditioner contain honey.

Are your products gluten free?
Some of our products are gluten free, but not all. Our shampoos and conditioner contain wheat germ extract, made from refined wheat, so they may contain traces of gluten. And our Cleansers contain wheatgerm oil. It’s refined, so the majority of gluten is removed, but traces might remain.

How do I know if I have allergies to your products?
We’ve done our best to make sure our range is gentle enough for children’s skin. But if you have a history of sensitivities or allergies, we recommend that you do a skin test before trying our products. If irritation occurs, stop using the product.


Do you offer free samples?
Not right now. We are a small company, so we can’t afford to give out a lot of free samples. We will let you know if that changes.

What is that little symbol that looks like a jar with a number in it, next to the barcode on my product?
This is the PAO symbol. The number in the jar symbol shows the shelf life of your product after you open it. A tip! Products will last longer if you store them out of direct sun and heat.

Why do you use plastic bottles if you’re an ‘eco’ company?
Good question! We did a lot of research into the best type of packaging for Spots & Stripes. We don’t love plastic, but it’s functional and safe for children to use and doesn’t leach into the product. Our bottles and jars are recyclable and we don’t have excess outer packaging (our mailer boxes are recycled and recyclable). We’re continuing to explore other options as we grow bigger, so watch this space!