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Our story

Before I created Spots & Stripes, I was finding it impossible to find skin, hair and bath products for my eldest daughter, Anouk, who was just 12. She’d grown out of her baby products (and was pretty outraged when I asked her to use them!), and I wanted something that would deal with her new needs – sometimes-greasy hair, sometimes-sweaty body, and the odd breakout.

I’d been very careful about what I’d used on her skin as a baby and child; looking for products that were gentle, natural and earth friendly. But, scanning the shelves and searching online, I found there was almost nothing to bridge the gap between the baby/young child products – which weren’t working anymore – and the teen-acne and adult products that were way too harsh for her still delicate, child’s skin. In the end, I settled on a mismatched bunch of mostly natural or organic adult products – a spot stick from here, a body wash from there, a cleanser that was gentle, but full of ingredients that made me uncomfortable. Anouk didn’t love the way they looked or smelt. And neither did I. Added to that, they didn’t always work.

So, I decided to create the products myself. As a beauty editor, I’d tried a zillion brands; I knew my stuff and I did my research (which wasn’t easy, because there aren’t many studies on this age group). I convinced one of the UK’s best natural manufacturers to take me on. I tested the formulas on my girls, their friends, and the sons of my friends (and, yes, that’s them all in the pictures here and on other pages). After two years of trying and tweaking, Spots & Stripes was born.

Charlotte-Anne Fidler

So, what is Spots & Stripes?

A brand that addresses the particular needs of tween/teen skin and hair: shampoos that will deal with greasy roots, washes and deodorants for when they get sweaty, a cleansing lotion for delicate, but hormonal, skin and a spot zapper for the odd breakout.

Products that are formulated to be safe and gentle on tween/teen skin, but still have the effectiveness this age group needs, because they are high performance and full of clever ingredients.

A highly natural brand, made in the English countryside, which uses 100% natural actives and 0% parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), phthalates, and more

A brand that’s earth friendly and ethically sourced – looking after the future of these tweens and teens, and teaching them that these things matter.

A brand that promotes the healthy skincare regimes that will see children through their teens and in to adulthood. And give them the confidence and wellbeing that goes with good skin. Find out more about teen/tween skin here.

A brand aimed at tweens and teens themselves, not just their parents. So, as well as doing all the things that their skin and hair needs, the packaging is fun and looks pretty cool on their bathroom shelves.

You never have to worry about what’s inside a bottle of Spots & Stripes

Because we’ve done all the worrying for you. We never test on animals, only on ourselves (and our children!). Our products are manufactured with extraordinary care to protect the power of the ingredients, and make them as safe as possible. Our ingredients are of the highest quality; sustainably and ethically sourced. And when we don’t like an ingredient’s rep, we leave it out. Find out what’s not in our products.

Look at these products as a starter kit for looking good, and smelling even better. They’re gentle, but they’re also full of super-smart ingredients to deal with tween and teen skin and hair needs.