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Want the lowdown on everything teen/tween skin, from a pro (and mother) who KNOWS?

We get SO many questions about skin and skincare,

we thought it would be a good idea to start putting all the information in one place.
Somewhere you or your child can go to when you have a query or a problem that a simple Google search just can’t answer. Somewhere that has absolutely everything you need to know about tween/teen skin.

Our plan is to help you understand what happens to your skin when you hit puberty and give you easy things you can do to keep it healthy as your body changes and grows.

We teach you everything you need to know about acne. What it is. Why you get it (hormones, stress, stuff you eat…)? And what you can do to keep under control.

Includes a spot-reducing cleansing regime – which is easier to do than you’d think. Plus our top tips for staying pimple-free (example: their phones are bacteria-central).

“An essential guide!
I thought I knew quite a lot about my skin until I read this.”

“Exactly what my teen needed.
It manages to be in-depth and easy to understand.”

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You don’t have to suffer being very spotty all the time. Sign up and we’ll show that there’s a LOT you can do to help: eat healthily, keep calm and happy, use good products daily. If you treat your skin the right way, it will be happy. And, so will you!