Got a stinky tween/teen? Read this!

Smelly teens/tweens. It’s a tricky problem. You obviously don’t want them to smell (and neither do they or their friends/teachers/classmates). But it’s not always absolutely clear what to do about it. Sometimes, you’re not sure what to use to stop them from smelling. Sometimes, they’re completely unaware of their stinkiness and don’t want to use anything. 😲

I had a smelly kid. It happened all of a sudden. One day, baby skin and smelling like a flower. The next: uh-oh! I started to look for a deodorant that had the same ethos as the other products I had been using on her 10-year-old body. It had to be natural and free of nasties (and where deodorant was concerned, I knew the big nasty was aluminium). It had to be a formulation that was easy for her to use and that she felt comfortable using. It had to smell good and be gentle on her young skin. And, obviously, it had to work.

You’d think it would be simple. But it wasn’t. We tried a lot of brands and a lot of formulations. I found out very quickly that she hated the way that roll-ons felt: “too sticky! Too cold!”. And just as quickly how few of the natural formulations actually did the job of stopping her smelling. I hate to admit it, but for a while, I caved and used a big brand’s ‘sensitive’ deodorant in sheer desperation, simply because I couldn’t find anything better. Then I got to work creating my own solution.

‘I had a smelly kid. It happened all of a sudden. One day, baby skin and smelling like a flower. The next: uh-oh!’

The result is our All-Natural Deodorant and it’s probably the product that I’m most proud of. You see, creating a 100% natural and aluminium-free deodorant that actually works, is just about the Holy Grail of skin and body care! The particularly genius bit about ours? It manages to be gentle and seriously effective. Instead of blocking your sweat glands, our natural deodorant works in three very clever ways:

  • First, the natural powders, cornstarch and kaolin, absorb wetness and make it hard for bacteria to break down sweat and create odour. Btw, cornstarch is a far more gentle option than the – potentially irritating – bicarbonate of soda you find in lots of natural deodorants.
  • Second, powerhouse essential oils (Neem, Kanuka, Niaouli…) knock out bacteria effectively, so sweat doesn’t get a chance to smell funky.
  • Finally, deliciously scented Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint and Spearmint make armpits smell super-sweet, and Shea Butter makes them super-soft (we love the idea of our kids having ultra-soft armpits!). 

You’ll notice that we’ve replaced the harsh chemicals and pore-cloggers most conventional deodorants use, with natural and skin-friendly ingredients. So, while our deodorant will absorb some moisture, it’s not an antiperspirant. Yep, your kid will sweat. But sweating is natural – and good for you! And, thanks to our powerful, odour-bashing ingredients, they’ll stay smelling sweet all day. Important, too: it comes in a stick that goes on soft and creamy and dries to a slightly powdery finish. So, no more cold, sticky armpits!

There is a load of info about the benefits of sweating and why natural deodorants are best here. There is also some important information and tips about what to expect when you’re making the transition to natural deodorant. Bottom line: they sometimes get smellier before they get sweeter…

But, believe me, they will get there and it will be okay. Look at what some of our customers have to say about our All-Natural Deodorant:

To say bye-bye to stinky teens/tweens simply click here to shop both our girl and our boy All-Natural Deodorants (yep, we have two versions, so that they feel that the product is really theirs). You’ll find all our other brilliant body products there, too – aka everything they need to soften and calm skin and bust dirt. And bad smells…