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Tween and teen skin isn’t baby skin. It’s not adult skin, either. It’s a delicate hybrid with its own unique needs. And a whole load of other reasons, too…

Children’s skin is different! It’s a larger proportion of their bodies than adult’s skin, with a higher water content and thinner epidermis. Protecting their skin’s barrier function by using gentle products is essential.

Until the age of 12, children secrete less sebum than adults, which makes their skin six times more susceptible to synthetic chemical penetration from haircare, skincare and bathing products.

Adult products, even those for sensitive skin, often contain ingredients that can irritate tween and teen skin.

Super-gentle baby products aren’t formulated to deal with tween and teen hair (a bit greasy), and skin (a bit sweaty/spotty). And, besides, what 12-year-old wants to be seen using a baby/young child product?

Chemicals in traditional skincare and personal care can act as hormone disruptors, impacting development in girls entering puberty.

They’re Gen Z – a new generation of children with a stronger sense of self. They’re highly individualistic, so they want skin- and haircare that’s aimed at them, not their younger siblings or their parents. Find more information about Teen/Tween Skin here

You never have to worry about what’s inside a bottle of Spots & Stripes

Because we’ve done all the worrying for you. We never test on animals, only on ourselves (and our children!). Our products are manufactured with extraordinary care to protect the power of the ingredients, and make them as safe as possible. Our ingredients are of the highest quality; sustainably and ethically sourced. And when we don’t like an ingredient’s rep, we leave it out. Find out what’s not in our products.

Look at these products as a starter kit for looking good, and smelling even better. They’re gentle, but they’re also full of super-smart ingredients to deal with tween and teen skin and hair needs.